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About | WPRNY


After running a boutique web design agency in San Francisco in the mid and late 90’s Eric Wolfram began to specialized in search optimization and search marketing. Mr. Wolfram developed his services and methodology after helping over 80 different clients improve their site’s rankings in search engines like Google. We then founded WPRNY Marketing as a way to continue helping our clients increase their visibility on the Internet.

How do we do it?
It’s not magic and it’s not a secret. We create internet visibility using best marketing practices. We do the work that is necessary to help make sure that the people you are looking find you. And we help them find you when they’re looking for what you’re offering. We work with you to organize your message on your web site. We also apply the best direct marketing practices to your pay per click campaigns and search marketing. Then we find opportunities to introduce compelling content that is helpful, informative or edgy — with a viral spin that bloggers love to write about. We monitor internet forums, email lists and blogs about your industry and interact when appropreate. As people visit your site and return, search engines track this behavior, and your site rises in the search engine result pages for the keyphrases that we have predefined.