Facebook is huge. They will have 1/2 the world population interconnected. And Facebook opened their social engine to software developers. The potential is incredible. This enables you to create social applications that are helpful to your customers.

The applications can be simple and fun. But they don’t have to be. They can solve real issues or address real concerns. The Facebook application “Causes” has raised millions of dollars for various charities. Maybe there is an application that you can develop which will change the game in your industry and help you emerge as a leader.

But you don’t have to create applications. Facebook Connect enables webmasters to connect with the Facebook social web. We integrated The Irvington Dispatch, a community web site, with Facebook.

Visitors who are logged into Facebook can “share” and “like” articles on the site, and this information is published on their Facebook newsfeed for all their friends to see. If some of the visitor’s friends already “liked” the page, the visitor is greeting with a thumbnail image of these friends. This proved to be incredibely viral. A single person “sharing” a page quickly lead to hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of visits from the friends of friends of friends of the original sharer. This is why sites like CNN.com and MSNBC, and many others, have integrated their web site with Facebook too.

Facebook has certainly become part of the overall web visibility strategy.