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Services | WPRNY


One Time Services

Preliminary Search Analysis

One easy way to get started is to request a preliminary analysis of your web site. We make a report with list of suggestions, a basic analysis and a first round of strategy suggestions. Getting started with this report is easy. Just send an email to service@webhitsconsulting.com with the URL of your site, some target keywords and any notes or comments you have about your situation. We will evaluate your web site and industry and have a report back to you within ten days. You can use the report to inform your web development team and if you decided to continue with other Web Hits Consulting services, we deduct the cost of this report from your costs of the other services. Preliminary Search Analysis Report – $950.

Search Engine Optimization Service

When potential customers go to search engines and search for what you’re selling, does your company appear high in the result pages? What happens if they find your competitors? This search engine optimization service is designed to jump start your showing in search engines like Google and will help you to reach the people you want to reach. We optimize your web site and provide one month of webPR service. These SEO services are designed to improve your chances in the unpaid listings of search engines like Google. Here is more information about our Search Engine Optimization Service. Search Engine Optimization Service – $5900

Negative Publicity Package

This package is designed to help a company deal with negative publicity. Although we can’t get rid of negative publicity the Google search results, we can generate positive content and we are sometimes successful at placing that content above the offending web pages in the result lists for certain phrases. Negative Publicity Package for as little as $8350

Pay Per Click Consulting

This service is designed to optimize and jump-start a Google Adwords account and pipeline. We start with establishing goals and analyzing competitors in the ad space. We then create a keyword strategy and review and rewrite your Adwords copy and keyword campaigns. We filter for negative matches and for key phrases that aren’t converting and take a close look at destination URLS. We then optimize a click path of the potential customer so that they can become your new customer by providing landing page recommendations and mock-ups. We create campaigns for regional targeting and content targeting. This fee includes a retainer for least one month of A/B testing as we let your prospects tell us which copy, offers and campaigns are most appealing to them. Please read more about our Pay Per Click Consulting Service Pay Per Click Consulting Service – Starts at $2900

Monthly PR Services

Ongoing WebPR Internet Publicist

We implement an on-going web publicity strategy, which involves contacting and creating relationships with the top, popular, and relevant bloggers in your industry. We make them aware of what your site offers. This service also involves ongoing monitoring of relevant forums and email lists for moments to interject pointers to your site. Also included is a retainer to advise, as needed, during additional content additions to your site. Read more about our WebPr Internet Publicist services. Ongoing WebPR Internet Publicist Service – $1950 a month

Internet PR Plus

Internet PR Plus includes webPR service to develop industry contacts to get SEO helpful content onto popular industry web sites or on-line portals. Plus we use social media tools and content development to invigorate and facilitate communities of potential customers into visiting your site. In addition, we write press releases and articles designed to increase your position in search engines and post them to WebPR, the largest news wire, or submit them for publication in online magazines. Here is more information about our Internet PR Plus service. Internet PR Plus – from $7450 a month

Full Internet Buzz

In addition to a full dose of honest and up-front publicity directed at internet writers and editors, and using social media tools and content development to invigorate and facilitate communities of potential customers into visiting your site. We work with your team to create expert articles, develop content, manage blog ghost writing services, and submit full articles for publication on other sites. This improves your position as an industry leader in the eyes of journalists and industry insiders, as well as with your future customers. Read on for more information about these sorts of Internet PR services. – $14,450 a month and up

Monthly Pay Per Click Services

Ongoing Pay Per Click Service Retainer

Once properly set up, many Adwords campaigns can run with a bare minimum of maintenance. This is an ongoing service retainer for those sorts of accounts. Pay Per Click Retainer – Starts at $950 a month

Daily Pay Per Click Service Retainer

Some industries, on the other hand, the advertising spends are so high that the campaigns require more tending or they have so many products and campaigns that specialized software and resource is required to manage everything. This is a retainer for daily Adwords Management services to provide reports, adjust bidding and to oversee campaigns. Adwords Retainer for Daily Service – Starts at $3450